Oct 2011

appliance repair contractor near me

I've been an appliance repair technician for over 30 years now. I just realized that makes me sound old When I first got into the business in 1980, appliances were made to last. It was important to the manufactures that their product was reliable. Refrigerator compressors were built so strong they would last 30 plus years. I would see customers using the same washer and dryer for 20 years or more. Quality mattered back then. As time passed, I noticed that the quality was going down. Manufactures started caring more about money than quality. After all, save 5. 00 on building a dishwasher and they would make an extra 5 million dollars when 1 million were sold. I understand that they needed to make appliances more energy efficient but I also know they could have built them to last.

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Oct 2011

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I received and call shortly after 11:00 saying that the service tech would be here in about 25 mins. Scott showed up on time, listened to what I had to say and proceeded to service the washer. Luckily, there was no actual problem. Scott took the time to explain exactly what he did and found. Overall excellent experience. Appliance Works has just gained a new customer.

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