Oct 2011

appliance repair for seniors

Perhaps the biggest problem many owners have with dryers is that often their machines will start losing heat. Often, they will notice that it takes longer to dry their laundry or that it doesn’t heat up as fast. However, because it is such a common problem, our expert technicians will know all the possible causes of such symptoms and they can repair your dryer in no time at all. One of the most remarkable inventions of our time is the refrigerator. This appliance allows us to buy food in advance and store it for long periods of time, meaning we don’t have to waste time going to the market everyday or let perfectly good food spoil and rot. We rely on this particular machine to freeze and preserve our food. When the refrigerator breaks down, it can mean hundreds of dollars’ worth of food down the drain. We know what a broken refrigerator can mean to your family, and so our technicians will do their best to repair your fridge right away. Don’t think that your appliance problems are too big or too small – what may seem like a major disaster to you can be a quick and easy fix for our experienced technicians. A refrigerator that isn’t staying as cool as it should be may just need a new rubber seal. Don’t be afraid to call us for minor issues like this – we are here to help you and keep your appliances running, plus small repairs like this can prevent major breakdowns later.

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Oct 2011

appliance repair tools supplies

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