Oct 2011

appliance repair tampa

Also look for a charred thermostat and burned connections at the thermostats and if you see any, replace the thermostats, too. Reassemble the dryer and test it. Replacing the thermofuse or bad thermostats should correct the no power problem. If not, call a repair service. Second, test for a bad igniter. If the test in Photo 1 shows there’s power to the burner but the igniter isn’t glowing, the problem could be a bad igniter.

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Oct 2011

appliance repairman in my area

You’ll be glad you did. Call us at 916 245 6853. If your appliance breaks down don’t go shopping for a new one!Chances are, not only is it repairable, but more than likely has years of life left in it. At A 1 Professional Appliance we’re about saving you money. Serving the Sacramento area and surrounding communities since 1990, we’re appliance repair experts. From garbage disposal repair to washer and dryers, we do it all. A 1 Professional Appliance provides dependable, professional service. We get your appliance up and running in no time at a small fraction of the cost of going out and purchasing a new one. We repair most major brands and models whether they're residential or commercial. Refrigerator stop working?We’ll fix it in a jiff. We provide same day service for our work and free estimates before we start.

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